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When the magic awakens in Keeree, she discovers that her family legacy is so much more than working the land in isolation. Her rejection by the Academy of Magic sets her on a dangerous path, pitting her against the entire wizarding world that she can only survive by forming an alliance with a pair of misfits.... 

Can they stand against the rulers of the wizarding world, or is Keeree doomed to the life of a damp wick, a mundane, never touching the magic that is her birthright? Find out in the latest novel from fantasy author James A. Eggebeen. "Sufficient Magic" available now!


The Apprentice to Master Complete Series

1200+ pages of dark magic, sinister villains, and non-stop adventure. Fans of D.K. Holmberg, Will Wight, and K.F. Breene will love this complete trilogy, bundled into one epic omnibus edition.

  • Book 1: "Foundling Wizard" - For over a hundred years, the Temple of Ran has been sacrificing young wizards in order to steal their power. When Lorit discovers that he holds the rare ability to use magic, he becomes their next target.
  • ​Book 2: "Wizard's Education" - When Lorit's friend and mentor goes missing, he has no choice but to seize the leadership of the Wizards' Council to win their support. He must undertake the life and death challenges on his own, to become a Master Wizard even though the trials have been subverted by the Temple.
  • ​​"Book 3: Master Wizard" - The last dragon's egg is discovered in the treasury of Veldwaite, launching Lorit and Chihon into a battle with the Temple Priests. They rescue a young Wizard and enlist his help in the fight to stop the Temple from harnessing the power of the last dragon.
  • ​​​"Book 4: ​Wizards Hatchling *BONUS BOOK* - Expelled from the school for losing control of their magic and run out of every town they entered, Kedrik and his dragon, Sul'ing must learn to control their wild magic, but the threat to the dragon realm has them chasing their tails.

Origins: The Complete Series: An Epic Fantasy Box Set

Delve into the past as we explore the origin of the characters in the Apprentice to Master Series. Did you ever wonder how the villain became the villain? How the hero became the hero? Any wha’t up with the sorceress who looks like a 16 year old girl but claims to be 400 years old. Get the answer to all of these questions in the Origin Series.

  • Book 1: "The Priest" - Sulrad is shunned by his mother, mistreated by his father, and rejected by the wizards of Amedon. What is a poor boy to do when he realizes the magic has come upon him in full measure? He strikes on his own and accidentally starts his own new religion. What could go wrong.
  • ​Book 2: "Dragon Lord" - Sulrad’s temple is rising from the ashes of his life, but his success only sets the wizards of Amedon against him even more than they ever were. When Sulrad discovers the ancient secret to binding the dragons to his will, he goes on the attack, but are his newfound allies enough to turn the tide of the battle?
  • ​​"Book 3: "The Sorceress" - The gifted daughter of the baron is shunned until the baron decides to use her to control the wizard priest, Sulrad. Only the chance meeting between the sorceress and another young wizard save her from indentured servitude to the priest. Together they must learn to master their magic and put a halt to Sulrad’s plans.
  • ​​​"Book 4: "The Healer *BONUS BOOK* - Kimt was an acolyte in the temple, but things go awry when she has to defend herself. Little did she know, she was turning her life over to her enemy. When she finally gets it back, she is an old woman, and her enemy is no after the body of her granddaughter. An unlikely friendship guides Kimt through the intricacies of breaking the spell that has held her captive for most of her life. It’s dangerous and deadly, and has one side effect, she never expected. It restores her youth, permanently.

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Can anyone truly see life through the eyes of another?

The secretive Brotherhood practices an ancient magic that transforms the eyes of the dead into a powerful magical talisman that lets them access the skills and abilities of their owners. They are shunned and feared wherever they go.

Kalis has taken refuge in an abandoned church and played the part of an ordinary citizen for years, but when his young friend comes to him with news of her mother’s death, he breaks his mask and seeks revenge on her behalf. When the killer destroys Kalis’ home, he’s left with the eyes of a killer and an abandoned child who needs his help.

Kalis’ only hope is to fabricate a new set of eyes before the killer takes over his soul, but when he’s injured he has to rely on Sasti to help him. He learns too late that the killer had a special fondness for little girls that invades Kalis’ dreams and his every waking moment.

If Sasti can’t finish his new eyes for Kalis, he will have to choose between the eyes of a killer and blindness. That is, if he can fight back the urges long enough to coach her through the process.


James A. Eggebeen

James A. Eggebeen began writing at a young age, but it was only after he was disillusioned by a college course in poetry, and switched to a creative writing class, that he was bitten by the fiction bug, and never looked back.

Born into a Dutch farming community in rural Wisconsin, James served in the United States Navy, then as an executive in the high-tech sector.It was when his wife spent three month abroad that he began to think about writing professionally.

With his next series of novels already well under way, his goal is to just keep writing.